List Of Off-Beat Dissertation Topics On Global Finance

It can be a lot of fun when you are studying towards being a top executive in the corporate finance world. If you are having issues coming up with interesting dissertation topics on global finance, it might be a damper on the fun of being an MBA student. But hey, there are lots of things you can write about. Whether you choose to focus on the strategies used by corporations in structuring their capitals, how their capitals can be judiciously dispensed, effectiveness of managers in increasing shareholder values, etc, there are lots you can write about without getting bored for even a day.

Instead of wasting time, let’s get down to the business of choosing a topic for your global finance academic paper. Here is a list of off-beat dissertation topics you should consider. They are as follows:

  • Prevailing investment models in the pharmaceutical industry – A look at the success rates
  • Micro-finance development – Understanding the factors behind its rapid development
  • Understanding the impact of micro-finance institutions in the developing countries
  • Easier access to credit access – A look at how it aids in financial stability of a given economy
  • Micro-credit schemes – How not to tarnish an economy’s international relations
  • Micro finance – A look at the trend in international markets
  • Development of finances – A look at the path of Asia
  • Financial innovation in Europe – What are they doing differently?
  • Investment growth in the corporate world – What trends are rightly in prevalence?
  • Unified global market – What trends and practices would make a difference?
  • Making a difference in international markets – What finance products would make a significant difference?
  • Private investment and access to credit – Helping their businesses grow from strength to strength
  • A look at the financial surge in the Asian market – China versus Japan
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups – The route to building a formidable business
  • Partnership in private business – An analysis of the pros and cons

These are topics you can choose from for your dissertation on global finance. Imagine how much fun you would have researching and writing on any of the topics listed above. While you can get most of your materials from the school’s library, you can also get helpful materials from your colleagues, friends, loved ones, and from the internet too. There are lots of help for students who are working on their academic papers and luckily, you are just one of them. Go ahead and have fun writing your dissertation.


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