The Worst Dissertation Titles: Common Topics to Stay Away From

A dissertation is a very important factor for the academic history of a Doctorate student, on the basis of which, his or her career is based. Thus, there is not much scope for error in a dissertation. It must be factually precise and flawless and the thesis must reflect the professionalism of the student. In other words, this means that the dissertation topic should be unique and original. Hence, common and ordinary topics must be avoided to preserve the individuality of the student’s own dissertation.

The most common topics are always chosen by the average students. Therefore, the student must endeavor to separate him or herself from the ordinary stream of average students by avoiding easy and ordinary topics, such as:

  • Any dissertation topics that do not measure up to the mark of good university students. The topic should seem mature and professional and not at all babyish.
  • Connecting topics that are completely detached from one another. The student should always try to avoid conducting his or her thesis on any topics which bear no connection to each other in any way.
  • The thesis statement should not be something that is completely out of sync with the topic of the academic paper. The topic selected should always bear a strong connection to the area in which the research for the academic paper is being conducted.
  • The topic of the academic paper should always have a serious tone. The student must remember that an academic paper is not something to trifle with. It should always be formulated in the most professional and formal manner possible.

The academic paper must follow the prescribed guidelines and norms. The format or order of writing should also be perfect to avoid any flaw. The language used in the academic paper should be formal and frills or irrelevant details of any sort are not permitted. The title of the academic paper should be indicative of the topic chosen by the student. It is suggested that key words be used in the title to make it all the more professional and unique to the topic.

The academic paper is the student’s gateway to academic excellence and recognition. It is highly important that it be as flawless and close to perfection as can be. This means that the very topic chosen for the academic paper should be a good one and uncommon enough to express the student’s original way of thinking and knack for challenges.


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