Simple Dissertation Writing Advice For Undergraduates

As undergraduates you are tasked with multiple types of research, project and essays to complete but the heaviest and most taxing of them all is the dissertation or thesis that you have been assigned. As intimidating it looks you have no reason to fear to do any of it and today I will be sharing some advice to help with your paper.

Advice #1: Choosing your topic

To start things off you first, need to choose your topic. The topic you do choose does not have to be overly complicated, the panel or the professors who will view your work will prefer to see work that is rich in content rather than a paper that is full of data that you cannot explain effectively. Choose a topic that you can answer regardless of what the teacher ask the topic is right up your alley and you won’t get flustered by his or her question because you are comfortable and knowledgeable in your work.

If you are good in biology stick to a field about biology, if you’re good with plants to go with botany and so on and so forth, stick to field you are most comfortable with.

Advice #2: Choosing your group

Now since you are undergraduates, you will be working with a group. Your group will sometimes be chosen for you, or you get to choose by yourself. If the group is chosen for you get to know your group well and determine their strong points and weak points and assign tasks that will utilize their strength more effectively, but if you are given the freedom to choose your own group to avoid grouping yourself with friends, now that may seem harsh but look at it this way there is a larger chance that you and your friends may not get that much work done because you may just hang out rather than work on your project, but if you are determined to get paired with your friends make sure to get some work done before hanging out.

Advice #3: Do not procrastinate

Once you have your topic and your group, it’s always a good idea to start working on it as soon as you can. Get ahead of your work rather than procrastinating on how long you would be doing your work. You don’t necessarily have to work on your paper every day although that is preferable, you can set up dates to meet up with your group to work on the research together or assign them with the individual task and have a weekly report on the things they have done to keep track of your work.

And with that, those are the advice that has been proven to be effective methods regarding doing an undergraduate dissertation. Remember this advice and you are sure to get you and your group a good grade.


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