Top Places To Get A Dissertation Proposal Presentation Example

An example boosts your confidence that you are approaching the dissertation proposal in the right way. You will not waste time in trial and error as you attempt to figure out the right way to draft your proposal. It also provides an outline of how your proposal should appear including the mandatory sections, the language to use, formatting style, crucial wording, etc.

Not all examples are reliable for use in drafting your own proposal. The quality of some examples is suspect. In other cases, the example does not capture the details like formatting as your supervisor or department wants them to appear. Following such an example would be misleading. To avoid such pitfalls, you are advised to source your examples from reliable sources. It also helps to understand all the instructions issued so that you can match them with the example you find. Here are the best places to find examples of dissertation proposals.


The quality of reference materials obtained from the library is always assured. Libraries and their parent institutions thoroughly scrutinize all books, journals, dummies, templates and materials stocked within their premises. This is done to protect the reputation of the institution. It also gives students confidence that the information they find will be credible. Librarians are ready to assist students and staff to locate their desired proposals. From the library, you can get an incredible variety of proposals. This simplifies your work.

From Your Supervisor

Supervisors have an obligation of assisting students in their academic pursuit. This assistance includes provision of dissertation examples and templates. Supervisors understand your area of study. They also have sufficient exposure to enable them differentiate between poor and high quality examples. They will offer clarification in case you get stranded when using the example or drafting your own.


There are numerous proposal examples online. The only challenge you will face is their credibility and quality. To circumvent this challenge, get your proposal from a reliable source. This could be an agency, library or the database of an institution known for offering high quality academic reference materials. In case you need a customized example, you have to buy from an agency.


There are peers who have completed their papers or are at advanced stages. Request them to assist with the examples they used or copies of the proposals they submitted. Such examples are easier to use since the instructions come from the same department and thus are almost similar. There are no charges for using such dissertation proposal examples.


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