Essential Guidelines on How to Cite Dissertation APA

When it comes to writing an academic paper, there are a number of things which students are supposed to do right from the onset and one of the is coming up with an outline. Outlines have never outlived their usefulness in as far as academic writing is concerned and provided you are able to come up with something meaningful, you can be rest assured of something powerful in the name of a dissertation as the end of a project. But this aside, the issue of academic writing has been something many students find challenging. In fact, there are students who find it hard to differentiate between APA and MLA writing styles. Looked at separately, these two academic writing styles have clear cut differences are which students who want to do well at school must learn. One of the key element is citation and this brings me to the gist of this post which is APA cite dissertation. The bone of contention here is how are you supposed to cite your sources in the APA style of academic writing?

As soon as one joins college or University, citing sources in academic papers with respect to various writing styles is an issue usually looked into extensively. There are guidelines to this effect. And because what you are taught in the classroom may never be enough to get things done the right way, a leap into the web in search of sample APA dissertation is your most likely possibility. Sample papers are everywhere and while they are very useful, understanding some basic elements of citation the moment you set your eyes on a sample academic paper should always be premised on rigorous background knowledge. What you learn in class plays significant as background knowledge on matters pertaining to citation. Well, in this post, I take you through what I believe are essential guidelines to citing your paper in the APA style so take a look further for details:

  • Use the most recent sources
    Well, when it comes to citing sources in a term paper, it is important to always ensure the sources are those from currently published books, journals, magazines and websites copies.
  • Order of citing your sources
    This is something you should never compromise on if you want to score better grades. Make sure in-text sources follow an alphabetical order from one paragraph to another within the literature review. This rule should be applied when listing your bibliographic information at the end of your project paper.
  • How to cite sources-In-text citation
    In this case, it is important to separate the surname of an author and the year of publication using a comma. These should then be bracketed.

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