How to compose a solid dissertation in 30 days only

The dissertation is one of the most important projects that you have to create during university, and it takes quite some time to create a good one. Sometimes things go wrong and after you procrastinated for some time you realize that you need reral help from best writing service online. Is it possible?

Yes, it is! Of course, you will have to be very organized and to keep the distractions away, but you will be satisfied with the end result and you will get all the appreciation of your teacher. There’s no time to lose, so let’s get started!

Search for a good topic.

In a normal situation you would spend a few weeks searching for an interesting topic, but this is not possible now. That is why you will have to ask for the help of your friends and relatives, and you will have to tell them about this difficult situation. Make a brain storming and listen to everyone’s ideas. For sure one of your friends will think about an interesting topic, and the other ones can help you decide about the details. Two brains always work better than one!

Get some good sources.

You don’t have time to search on random websites for some good information, so you have to go to good sources from the very beginning. Since the Internet is full of untrustworthy pages, the best thing to do is to take everything you need from books. You will know for sure that someone checked and read the content before the book was published, so you don[t have to worry if the data is right or not. In the worst case if the information is not correct your professor will not blame you, as you did everything in your power to make the things right.

Create an outline.

Before you start writing you need to have a structure that you can follow, if you want things to work fast and without problems. Take out some ideas on a paper and arrange them in a logic and chronologic way. Then, divide them on chapters and find a nice name for every chapter. When you write the dissertation follow the outline, and you will finish everything much faster.

Use pictures.

If you can’t write that fast and you don’t have enough content to fill the pages, you can add a few pictures to make your composition more interesting. Make sure that the pictures are completely related to the topic and that you don’t use too many, otherwise your professor will think that you are trying to escape from your work.

Ask for feedback

Before you submit your project ask one of your friends to read it a few times. You might not see some minor mistakes, but for sure he will see them and he will tell you what you have to change and what you have to rewrite. You can do the same thing with your supervisor, as soon as you make sure that he will read the text fast so you can have time to change anything that is not right.

  • Say "No" To Drafts

    Yes, I know, you usually create a few drafts before you write the final piece, but not this time. This time you will have to get it done from the first try so you will have to pay more and more attention to what you do. Make sure that you don’t make any grammar mistakes, that you follow the structure and that you don’t forget to write vital ideas.

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