AIPAC does Not Speak for US.

A statement of conscience opposing the AIPAC'S policies of militarism & occupation. 

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In anticipation of AIPAC membership events in the San Francisco Bay Area in early December 2006, we are circulating the following statement.  We plan to have this published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian on November 29th, (which also happens to be the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people).

 Ways you can help this campaign are below.  Take Action! 

Please consider signing it (you can still get your name on the list below).  We need people of goodwill to speak out for a new foreign policy that will bring real peace and security for everyone.  Statement is also available in PDF for easy printing here

Note:  New endorsers will be listed here on this website only, we are no longer taking endorsers for the published ad, as it has already been delivered to the Bay Guardian.  A full copy of the ad, as it appears in the Bay Guardian, can be seen here.

Endorsers now listed!  See here.  Add your name by emailing us.

AIPAC Does NOT Speak For US!

AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, describes itself as the most influential lobby affecting the U.S. relationship with Israel. AIPAC has also been a consistent supporter of Bush’s belligerent and disastrous policies in the Middle East.

On December 3 and 4, AIPAC will hold membership events in the Bay Area to which many local political officials are invited.  We urge our representatives to reject the AIPAC agenda. 

AIPAC promotes militarism, occupation, and disregard for human rights.

During the terrible violence that engulfed Lebanon and Israel this past summer, AIPAC worked to prevent any call from Congress for what was cynically referred to as a “premature ceasefire,” but demanded unconditional support for the disproportionate Israeli military assault that resulted in over a thousand dead, a catastrophic oil slick on the coast, 30,000 homes left in rubble, and over a million cluster bomblets littering the Lebanese landscape.  AIPAC urged the U.S. to rush more bombs to Israel, bombs that destroyed entire Lebanese neighborhoods.

AIPAC does not speak for us about Israel’s invasion of Lebanon!

We believe in diplomacy over military force.  We want to spend our tax dollars meeting real needs in this country rather than using them in support of military aggression.


For decades, with AIPAC insisting that the US support every Israeli demand instead of acting as an honest broker, the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians has been unresolved.

AIPAC pushed for the current U.S. sanctions against the Palestinian people that have created a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  The main power station was bombed; many homes and businesses have no electricity or water; the medical system has collapsed; there is a devastating shortage of food and medicine. In the West Bank, the destruction of Palestinian homes and confiscation of land goes unabated, with the full support of AIPAC.    

AIPAC does not speak for us about making peace for Israel and Palestine!

We want the U.S. to support a resolution to the conflict based on international law and respect for human rights. We demand a suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel (currently at over $3 billion every year) until Israel abides by international law.


AIPAC has been instrumental in promoting a confrontational approach to Iran.  It undermines diplomacy by opposing any call for full nuclear disarmament in the Middle East, for that would include Israel’s massive nuclear weapons arsenal.

AIPAC does not speak for us about nuclear disarmament!

We oppose any military aggression against the people of Iran.  Such an attack would inevitably lead to the thousands or even millions of deaths.  Instead, we call for a nuclear-free Middle East and worldwide nuclear disarmament. 

We call upon our political representatives to reject the dangerous politics of militarism and confrontation promoted by AIPAC and the Bush regime.  We demand their support of a new foreign policy based on respect for human rights and international law. Acting in accordance with these values is the best way to bring peace and security to both the American people as well as all the peoples of the Middle East.


Here's what you can do:

Please act on this statement. 

  Endorse the statement by emailing us your name and organizational affiliation, if any.  

If you have questions, please email us at People at

We thank the Rebuilding Alliance for making  funding possible to publish this statement in the San Francisco Bay Guardian 


Miriam Adams

Rutie Adler

Ron Amen

Mark Bacherder

Donna Baranski-Walker, The Rebuilding Alliance

Hugh Barbour

Russell Bates

Joyce Bates

Jeremy Begin

Elizabeth Beltran

David Benck

Berkeley Women in Black

Jim Berger

Constance Bernstein

Joshua Beth

Cheryl Betz

Alan Blitz

Rebecca S. Boyd

Jackie Brookman, Jewish Voice for Peace*

Paul Bundy

Kathe Burick

Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation*

Jeanne Capozzoli

Spring Cerise

Jack Cohen, Jews Against the Occupation, New York, NY*

Michael Cooper

Pat Cuviello

Carol Dennis

Frank Dorrel

Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC

Arla S. Ertz

Mary Erwin

James Everett

Adriana Farkouh

John Farrell

Karen Farrell

Lorna Fear

Sarah Fike

Jerry Fillingim

Jerry Finkelstein

Stephanie Free

Nancy M. Friedman

Steven Friedman

Suzanne Gavin

Sheila Goldmacher, Bay Area Women In Black*

Bruce Gould

Bruce Gowdy

Jill Granberg

Anthony Greco

Marian Gregory

Cody Grundy

Joyce Guinn, Peace Action Wisconsin*

James Harris

David Hartsough

Dolores Helman

Tim Henry

Annette Herskovits

Mares Hirchert

Chuck Hirchert

Esther Ho

Paul C. Hoffman

Edward Houry

Roger Hurwitz

Simon Ireland

Jon Jackson

Gregory Johnson

Nada Jones

Rob Kantar, Jewish Voice for Peace*

Wendy Kaufmyn

Sharon Keane

Gregory Keener

John Kirkwood

Susan Kirkwood

Amber Klink

Virginia Kraus

Roni Krouzman

Michael Kwan

Llyana Landes

Robert Lange

Mishwa Lee

Leon Lefson

Tim Lennon

Harrison Leong

Mariah Leung

Michael Levin

Stephen Levine

Wesley Look

Andrea Lotker

David Makofsky, Jewish Voice for Peace*

Sister Sheral Marshall

Sylvia McLaughin

Sanaz Meshkinpour, Global Exchange*

Sol Metz

Joseph Michael

Ken Miles

Dale Milford

Peter Miller

Jackie Monterrosas, CSU Pomona*

Carol Moore

Hubert Morel-Seytoux

Jane Nahass

Torrey Neel

Bob Niederman

Henry Norr

Shane Oakes

Rosemary Obeid

Kamal Obeid

David Okada

Catherine Orozco

Janelle Orsi

Mostafa Ouaffi

Valerie Ozsu

David Paul

Lorin Peters, Beyt Tikkun*

Peace Action of San Mateo County

Jacob Picheny

Richard Pitt

Karen Platt

Rebecca Pottenger

Sara Powell

Andrea Prichett, Berkeley Copwatch*

James Quinn

Jennifer Raeder

Anne Remley

Roberta Richardson

Mara Rivera, Jewish Voice for Peace*

Bruce Robbins

John Robertson

Carol Rose, The Rebuilding Alliance

Tony Rose, The Rebuilding Alliance

Robert Rosen

Alice Rothchild, Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston*

Nikki Sachs

Ana Sanchez

Carol Sanders, Jewish Voice for Peace*

Stephan Scott

William Seaman, Jewish Voice for Peace*, Portland, Oregon

John T.  Selawsky, Berkeley School Board*

Michael Severson
Jeanie Shaterian

Dan  Siegel, Oakland School Board*

David Siegel, Castro Valley Progressives*

Deborah Silvey

Maureen Smith

Norman Solomon, author, War Made Easy

Raphael Sperry

Nina Sprecher

Gene St. Onge


SF Tikkun Community

Burton Steck

Kali Steele

Sarab Stewart

The Fr. Bill O'Donnell Social Justice Committee

Kyle Terborg

Dashielle Vawter

Beth Waitkus

Sandy Weaver, Freedom From War*

Sabra Webber

Monique Weil

Anne Butterfield Weills

Alison Weir

Kandall White

Andrea Whitmore, Citizens for Justice in the Middle East KansasCity*

Robert S. Wilson

Shana Winokur

Sarah E. Wood

Rory Woods

Yacoub Yacoub

Keli Yen

Babak Zaker

Mary Vivian Zelaya

Aletha Zsido

Roanna Zuker


*For Identification purposes only