Protests of AIPAC continue around the country. Here is a look at upcoming and past protests.

Past Protests in 2011-2012 :

Portland, OR April 2012 · Washington DC March 2012 · Minneapolis 6/29/2011 · Washington DC May 2011 · Portland, OR, 3/06/2011 (See this page for protests prior to 2011)

April 29, 2012 Portland OR

About 80 protesters joined together to confront AIPAC in Portland Oregon. Once again there was no mainstream media coverage. In fact, there is no media coverage of the AIPAC event itself. That's a problem. When our politicians become attatched at the hip to wealthy political lobbies (lobbies for the 1%), it is the duty of the meda to report to the American people the nature of these lobbies, and what they are promoting and who is listening. But very rarely will you hear in the media that a $60 million lobby in DC is doing its damndest to get the US in an horrific war against the people of Iran, and keeping peace and justice from the people of Palestine. See also this post in "Oregon Live" about the need for more media scrutiny of AIPAC. Below is a video of the protest.


March 3-5, 2012 Washington DC

For the second year in a row, a hundreds of activists gathered to protest AIPAC's largest event of the year, the annual "Policy Conference" that was attended by President Obama (he addressed it) and most of Congress (most as guests, not speakers). Organized by "Occupy AIPAC" (the same folks that organized under the banner of "Move Over AIPAC" in 2011) there was a one day summit for those committed to creating a new foreign policy followed the next day with protests at the AIPAC Policy Conference itself. Below are some highlights of the 3 days of events as detailed at the Occupy AIPAC website.

June 29, 2011 Minneapolis, MN

This speech was delivered by Anti-War Committee Member J.P. Mason at the 2011 Minnesota AIPAC Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 30, 2011.
I am here today as a member of the Minneapolis-based Anti-War Committee to denounce the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC and the war crimes and crimes against humanity which this lobby enables and perpetuates. The fact is, this lobbying group has manipulated and coerced American politicians so much so that it becomes nearly impossible to get elected unless you speak out in favor of the U.S. / Israeli bond. In doing so, this lobby has created an air of fear in which any politician or person speaking out against U.S./Israeli foreign policy or the 3 billion in U.S. military aid to the Israeli government is labeled anti-Semitic, or in the case of several members on the Anti-War Committee, as supporters of terrorism.....(More)

Check out the flyer, too.

May 21-24 2011, Washington DC

We helped make history at the "Move Over AIPAC" Summit/Protests in May 2011. Read the summary of events and actions at the Code Pink Move Over AIPAC website. This is just the beginning.

Stop AIPAC Banner  Protester at the Move Over aipac protest, May 2011  Takin it to the street, aipac Policy Conference, May 2011 Move Over AIPAC sign  Click on Pics for larger versions.

Stop AIPAC is one of more than 100 organizations that have endorsed this effort. We made a difference.
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March 6, 2011, Portland, Oregon ·

From this report.

Protesters in Portland OR opposing aipacOn a chilly Sunday, about 75-100 folks gathered outside the Mittleman Jewish Community to protest against the annual AIPAC event yesterday. The protest was organized by AUPHR (Americans United for Palestinian Human RIghts) and SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights). For about 2 hours, we shouted, chanted, and stood our ground, saying "No to AIPAC! No Support for Occupation! No Support for Apartheid!"

We went there to let AIPAC and its supporters know that we vehemently oppose US aid to Israel to continue its 60+ years of brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine. Israel would not be able to keep committing crimes and atrocities against the Palestinian people if it weren't for US support. According to If Americans Knew, Israel is the largest recipient of US military and economic aid since 1976. US gives Israel about $3 billion per year, about one-fifth of the US' entire foreign aid monies. The US currently provides Israel with $8.2 million in military aid every day! Israel continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land, demolish Palestinian homes, farms and orchards, destroy businesses and shops, arrest and torture the Palestinian people without due process, and bomb, shoot and kill them with impunity. We are always told that the budget deficits make it necessary for politicians to cut social programs, education and health care for us, but when it comes to funding wars, occupation and attacks on civilians in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and other countries, there's always endless amounts of money! Portland Protest 2011

Several protestors yelled, "Shame on you!" when they saw Congressman David Wu drive into the parking lot. Several motorists flipped us the bird as they drove past. A few policemen were there, but got progressively bored as we gave them no reason to harass or arrest us.

We hope that as more and more people find out about this AIPAC annual event, that they will join us at the next protest. We need more people to show up and oppose AIPAC and its supporters. It's not enough to show up at protests after another Israeli attack on Palestinians. We also need to let our "representatives" and politicians and the American public know that we don't want another cent of our tax dollars to be spent on perpetrating Israel's apartheid and occupation!

See here for Protests prior to 2011.