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Help us in our work. 

We know serious political change will not happen without the interaction of people with many perspectives and experiences.  Do feel free to express yourself if you feel there are ways we can improve our communication of this issue.

 We also want to be a resource to publicize actions that challenge current U.S. policy on the Middle East.  Planning a non-violent protest or vigil?  Let us know.  Or do you know of an upcoming AIPAC-related event in your city or elsewhere? Let us know that too.  Our developing network may provide the impetus for  public events that confronts the politics of war and occupation. 

To talk to us directly, send an email to:

People at

Do be advised that any communication that involves expressions of hate toward any particular religious/ethnic/national group will be quickly deleted. 

Join our updates list.  We will notify of important updates to the website, and upcoming plans to protest AIPAC and its policies.  By joining this list we can keep you informed of updates on the website, and important actions to work for a fair and just foreign policy in the Middle East.  The Newsletter we hope to send out about once a month, you also have an option of getting more frequent updates by signing up for bulletins (no more than a few a month, usually less). 

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