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Promoter of Crimes Against Humanity

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Stop AIPAC held a vigil to protest at the speaking tour of Benny Morris in San Francisco and Berkeley in 2009. Morris is an Israeli historian who has documented  Israel's Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland, yet regrets that Israel had not "finished the job" back then.

Benny Morris has told the truth about the Israel’s ethnic cleansing (euphemistically known as “transfer”). He states the obvious: "The idea of transfer is as old as modern Zionism and has accompanied its evolution and praxis during the past century."  Talking of David Ben-Gurion, a founding father of Israel, Morris rightfully acknowledges that Ben-Gurion engineered a partial transfer of the Palestinians, when 700,000 were forced out of their homeland and not allowed to return. Morris says that Ben-Gurion would likely now regret his “restraint”. “Had he gone the whole hog, today's Middle East would be a healthier, less violent place.In other words, Morris believes that all Arab Palestinians should have been forced out of their homeland, and that may be an option for Israel’s future. Ethnic cleansing is considered an especially heinous crime against humanity, associated with the world’s worst calamities, including Nazi war crimes of World War II.

No More War Crimes! Support the Right of Return for all Refugees. 

Benny Morris has advocated for a nuclear strike on Iran, a nation of 65 million people. Writing in the NY Times in July 2008,  Morris said that an “Israel will almost surely attack Iran’s nuclear sites” very soon. Because Israel’s conventional weapons cannot finish that job, it would likely be necessary to use its own nuclear weapons- “an Israeli nuclear strike to prevent the Iranians from taking the final steps toward getting the bomb is probable.”  

Threatening Iran with a nuclear attack from Israel would only encourage Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.  

No War on Iran. We Demand Global Nuclear Disarmament!

Benny Morris’ agenda is really that of perpetuating humanity’s worst nightmares. Those that promote Benny Morris are also supporting total war on the Palestinian people, such as the massacre in Gaza. They are also supporting war on Iran.  While Morris was writing his plea for war on Iran, Congress was lining up overwhelmingly behind a resolution urging Bush to institute a Naval Blockade of Iran.  That resolution was stopped only by massive grassroots outrage.

Silence is Not an Option.

Attend these Protests of Benny Morris as he promotes his extremist ideology.

Wednesday, January 28 at Doe Library (MAP), UC Berkeley Campus starting at 7pm Talk starts at 7:30pm We will stand in front of the Library. Starting time is half hour before talk scheduled to begin. Attending the talk is free.
Thursday, January 29 at
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3220 California St (MAP) at 7:30pm (Talk starts at 8pm)  Meet in front of Community Center. We discourage people from paying the admission fee here to see the promoter of war crimes.

Download leaflet of protest.